Professor T. Scarlett Epstein OBE:

“I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service from the skilled people at Worthing HEARING CARE. They supplied me with hearing aids that have the latest technology. This has changed my life.

My declining ability to hear properly had isolated me from society. With the new Hearing Aids I can now not only freely take part in conversations, but also hear in discussions after Public Lectures. I hope that many more people will take advantage of this efficient service to regain their hearing abilities”.



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Invisible Hearing Aids

RITE – Receiver in the ear:

RITE – in the ear hearing aids:

ITE – Receiver In The Ear:

BTE – Behind The Ear:

Latest Technology:

ReSound creates innovative hearing aids that give you excellent sound quality. Our real understanding of audiology and hearing impairment, together with our original thinking, design and technology skills, will help you get the best from your hearing.

ReSound Verso™ is the new breakthrough hearing solution from ReSound. Verso™ hearing instruments work seamlessly as one system to give better speech understanding. They help you to:

ReSound Verso™ uses unique technology that supports the way hearing naturally works. ReSound call this Binaural Fusion™. It ensures that the two hearing aids work as one system to pick up all the sounds around you, compare notes and balance what you hear. This gives you incredibly accurate and clear sound for a more natural hearing experience.

with the hearing instruments making all sounds audible and perfectly balanced, you get a more natural sense of what’s going on around you. You know which sounds are loudest, how close they are, and where they come from. So you can react and respond naturally to what you want to hear.

RITE – Receiver in the ear:

ReSound Verso™ comes in wide range of models designed to meet your individual needs and styling preferences and make wearing a hearing aid as comfortable as possible. From the new ultra cosmetic IIC (invisible-in-canal aid) to the top performing BTE (behind-the-ear aid), every model is small and powerful. They’re also sleek and discreet – including some of the smallest hearing aids available.

Ultimate discretion

The new ReSound Verso™ IIC (invisible-in-canal aid) is the most advanced custom hearing instrument from ReSound that virtually disappears in your ears. Most features are available in this high performing and very discreet tailor-made solution and the almost invisible fit in the ear and simple handling make it a perfect choice for active lifestyles.

Durable and reliable

Every ReSound Verso™ model is protected inside and out by iSolate™ nanotech coating, a unique water repellent coating that provides unmatched moisture protection and great durability. Any kind of moisture just rolls right off your aids– which means they’ll last longer and let you engage in all kinds of activities.

We know your needs are unique. With ReSound Verso™, your hearing solution will be too.